Admission on Examination

 Article II, Rule 1

​Article II, Rule 1 applicants must sit for both days of the Rhode Island Bar Examination and take the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE).

If you are an attorney admitted in another state seeking admission, please see Article II, Rule 2(a) to determine if you are eligible for admission pursuant to that Rule. ​​​​

Individuals who are seeking full admission on examination to the Rhode Island Bar, please see Article II, Rule 1 and Rule 2(b) of the Board of Bar Examiners Rules of Practice Governing Admission on Examination and by Transferred Uniform Bar Examination Score (Board of Bar Examiners Rules) for eligibility requirements.​


​The Rhode Island Bar Examination is administered the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July each year.

Specific information regarding the bar examination is contained in the Board of Bar Examiners Rules​ and other logistical information will be sent directly to applicants using the email address on record as provided by applicants during the admission process.

All applicants are subject to the Rhode Island Bar Examination Regulations and Code of Conduct that will be distributed to applicants separately prior to the examination. Violations of the Rhode Island Bar Examination Regulations and Code of Conduct may result in the applicant being barred from or being ejected from the bar examination, and/or may be the basis for a referral to the Committee on Character and Fitness.  ​

 Test Accommodations Under the Americans With Disabilities Act

​The policy of the Board of Bar Examiners is to provide accommodations in testing conditions to applicants with disabilities during the administration of the bar examination, to the extent such accommodations are reasonable and necessitated by the applicant’s disability. Applicants seeking a special testing accommodation must submit the ​ Applicant Request for Test Accommodations and ​ Certification of Accommodations History forms. Applicants must also submit any of the applicable form(s) listed below which pertain to the disability:

Please see the Instructions for Requesting Test Accommodations for questions regarding the forms.​

 Administrative Nonstandard Test Accommodations

​The policy of the Bar Examiners (Board) is to provide reasonable administrative nonstandard testing accommodations to applicants who need such accommodations and who are otherwise eligible to take the bar examination, but who do not qualify for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended. Applicants seeking nonstandard test accommodation must submit a Request for Administrative
N​onstandard Test Accommodations form.

Please see the Instructions for Requesting Administrative Nonstandard Test Accommodations for questions regarding the forms and refer to the Board of Bar Examiners Rules.​​

 Laptop Usage

All applicants are permitted to use a laptop for the essay portions of the examination (Tuesday) at no additional cost.  This service is strictly optional but applicants wishing to use a laptop must register directly with ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. by the registration deadline communicated to applicants after the application deadli​ne.  

A representative from ExamSoft W​orldwide, Inc. will be onsite during the essay portions of the exam to assist laptop users.

For more information, please visit the ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. website at​.


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If applicants experience technical problems submitting filings through the Rhode Island Supreme Court Attorney Portal (RISCAP), please call this toll-free number at 1-833-307-2324 or email support at and explain the difficulties you are having with the RISCAP system.​​