Diversity Programs

The Diversity Office plays a pivotal role as an intermediary between the Rhode Island Judiciary and both federal and state agencies that are committed to advancing equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles. The office is dedicated to enhancing recruitment strategies to attract a more diverse pool of talent and acts as the primary information hub for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the legal field.   ​​

​The Diversity Office is involved in various activities, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Facilitating Workforce Development Programs: These programs equip applicants with the necessary tools to explore opportunities within the judicial branch of government;​
  2. Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment: The office is focused on creating a positive and inclusive workplace that respects and celebrates individual differences; 
  3. Conducting Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity Data Analysis: The office analyzes human resources and equal employment opportunity data; 
  4. Assessing Workforce Composition: The office assesses the composition of the state's workforce, identifying areas where underutilization may exist;
  5. Cultural Awareness Training: Providing cultural awareness training to judicial employees to promote understanding and inclusion;
  6. Collaboration with Community Partners: The office collaborates with key community partners to engage underrepresented applicants;​
  7. Public Education Presentations: Conducting presentations to inform the public about career opportunities within the Judiciary and the services offered by the six (6) courts;
  8. Ensuring Legal Compliance: The office ensures that the Judiciary complies with federal and state laws, statutes, and regulations related to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action; 
  9. Career Coaching Services: Providing job seekers with career coaching services; 
  10. Designing and Managing Auditing and Reporting Systems: The office manages an internal system for affirmative action and equal opportunity auditing and reporting; and 
  11. Participation in Job Fairs and Community Events: Attending job fairs and community events to engage with potential candidates and the wider community.


​Licht Judicial Complex
250 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
​(401) 222-8644

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