Programs and Services

The Rhode Island Judiciary (Judiciary) is committed to providing programs and services that reflect the mission of the branch of government. The following departments and programs often work in collaboration to support court users and visitors.

In 2021, several of the Judiciary’s court user services were centralized through the Access to Justice Office. The Access to Justice Office supports court users in need of Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations, language interpretation services, and navigating the courts.

The Judiciary is home to the state’s only public law library. The library, located at the Licht Judicial Complex, is a vital resource for law students, attorneys, self-represented litigants, and curious minds alike.

The Diversity Office works in collaboration with the Office of Employee Relations to carry out internal and external outreach. The Diversity Office aims to create and to maintain a pipeline of diverse and engaged Judiciary employees.

The Rhode Island Supreme Court Domestic Violence Training and Monitoring Unit (DV Unit) was formed with the passage of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act in 1988 and placed under the administration of the State Court Administrator. The DV Unit's principal responsibilities are the development, printing, dissemination, and collection of the legislatively mandated Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault (DV/SA) Reporting Form for the purpose of establishing accurate data on the extent and severity of domestic violence, sexual assaults, and child molestation incidents which include arrests and non-arrests.

The Judicial Records Center offers reference services to the courts, the bar, and to members of the public who wish to do research in these public records.