Supreme Court

Supreme Court

​Supreme ​Court

The Rhode Island Supre​me Court is the state’s court of last resort. The Supreme Court has absolute appellate jurisdiction over questions of law and equity, supervisory powers over other state courts, and general advisory responsibility to the Legislative and the Executive branches of state government concerning the constitutionality of legislation. The Supreme Court is also responsible for regulating admission to the Rhode Island Bar and disciplining the members. ​

About the Supreme Court

 Key Contacts

​Julie P. Hamil, Esquire, State Court Administrator
(401) 222-3263

Gail M. Valuk, Esquire, Deputy State Court Administrator
(401) 222-3263

Stephen Kerr, Assistant Administrator of Facilities, Operations, and Security
(401) 222-6700

Adejuwon Aikulola, Assistant Administrator of Judicial Technology Center
(401) 222-3000

Darlene Leyden Walsh, Assistant Administrator of Finance and Budget
(401) 275-6521

Alexandra E. Kriss, Assistant Administrator of Community Outreach and Public Relations
(401) 222-4580

Meredith A. Benoit, Esquire, Clerk of the Supreme Court
(401) 222-3272​​

Mike Sligar, Esquire, Assistant State Court Administrator of Employee Relations
(401) 222-2700