Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal Court

​Rhode Island ​Traffic Tribunal​

Welcome to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal homepage. The Traffic Tribunal is comprised of nine (9) judicial officers, which include a chief magistrate, an administrative magistrate, and six (6) magistrates.

The Traffic Tribunal was created by the Rhode Island General Assembly in July 1999 to replace the former Administrative Adjudication Court. In 2007, the Traffic Tribunal was made a standalone and independent court operating under the direction of the Chief Magistrate. The Traffic Tribunal has original jurisdiction over civil traffic offenses committed in Rhode Island, including breathalyzer refusals. Further, the Traffic Tribunal has authority over certain Department of Environmental Management offenses. The Traffic Tribunal has oversight responsibilities and concurrent jurisdiction with the Municipal Courts for lesser traffic offenses.

 Key Contacts

Judicial Officers

Chief Magistrate
Domenic A. DiSandro III (401) 275-2801/2804

Administrative Magistrate
Joseph A. Abbate (401) 275-2801/2804

William T. Noonan (401) 275-2801/2804
Alan R. Goulart (401) 275-2801/2804
Erika Kruse Weller (401) 275-2801/2804
Michael DiChiro, Jr. (401) 275-2801/2804
Allison C. Abilheira (401) 275-2801/2804
Norman L. Landroche, Jr. (401) 275-2801/2804
​Mark P. Welch (401) 275-2801/2804


Court Administrator​
Kevin Lanni (401) 275-2816

Executive Secretaries to the Chief Magistrate
Barbara Carcieri (401) 275-2804
Email: bcarcieri@courts.ri.gov

Stacy Sotirakos (401) 275-2801
​Email: ssotirakos@courts.ri.gov

Executive Secretary to Court Administrator
Roseann LiBassi (401) 275-2816
Email: rlibassi@courts.ri.gov


Court Information Line (401) 275-2700​​​