Judicial Purchasing

​​With the passage of 2004 - 2005 Budget Article 45, the Rhode Island Judiciary was given broad power over its administrative affairs. Specifically, the Chief Justice and the State Court Administrator of the Supreme Court have sole power over judicial procurements and the power to enact the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the procurement power. G.L. 1956 § 8-15-4.

Mission Statement

The Judicial Purchasing Office knows that a good public procurement policy requires the purchase of commodities and services of best value and that they should be purchased as economically and expeditiously as possible.

We recognize that fair and open competition is a basic tenet of public procurement. As employees who are responsible for obligating and expending public funds, we are held to a higher level of accountability.

The Judicial Purchasing Office promises to:

  • Maintain courteous and objective relationships with all vendors;
  • Provide clear and concise bid specifications; and
  • Procure goods and services in the overall best interest of the Judiciary on the basis of price, quality, availability, conformance to specifications, and capability of the vendor to perform as requested.​


​​​Judicial Purchasing Office
670 New London Avenue – Room 1006
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920
(401) 275-6527 telephone
(401) 275-6530 facsimile