Calendars and Public Access to Court Hearings

Except for the Supreme Court, the courts will only livestream those cases which are being conducted remotely (not in a courtroom). The streaming link will be available only during the court session and will not be available for later retrieval. As with an in-person hearing in accordance with the Supreme Court rules, the photographing (including “screenshots”), recording, and/or transmission of a court hearing or any portion thereof which is livestreamed on the Internet is strictly prohibited. Livestreamed broadcasts do not constitute the official record of the proceeding. Rather, the transcript of the hearing created by the court reporter or recorder assigned to the matter is the official record of the hearing and may be requested by contacting the appropriate clerk’s office.

The dates and times of the remote and daily in-person calendars are subject to change. The courts will make every attempt to update the calendars in a timely manner once a change occurs. Except for the Supreme Court, the remote and daily in-person calendars will display automatically at 12:00 a.m. The remote and daily in-person calendars are automatically refreshed every fifteen (15) minutes thereafter, Monday through Friday, for any changes that day. If a hearing is not available at the designated date and time, please contact the clerk’s office of the appropriate court.​​