Board of Bar Examiners

The Board of Bar Examiners (Board), appointed by the Supreme Court, ascertains, with the support of the Bar Administrator, the qualifications of applicants, tests the legal knowledge of bar applicants, administers and proctors the Rhode Island Bar Examination, and prepares and scores the essay portion of the bar examination. Members serve for five (5) years and there is no limit on the number of terms.

The Board has adopted the Board of Bar Examiners Rules of Practice Governing Admission on Examination and by Transferred Uniform Bar Examination Score to assist in the carrying out of all duties.  Applicants are responsible for reviewing the rules to determine if the applicant is eligible for admission.

Eligibility is determined when an applicant files a Petition for Admission, and the Board has completed the review of the application. Fees are non-refundable.​​


David A. Wollin, Esquire, Chair
Melissa K. Burnett-Testa, Esquire
William J. Conley, Jr., Esquire
Mark B. Decof, Esquire
Thomas Dickinson, Esquire
Carly B. Iafrate, Esquire
Deborah M. Tate, Esquire
Adam M. Ramos, Esquire
Michael A. St. Pierre, Esquire
Michael A. Ursillo, Esquire
Cynthia Wilson-Frias, Esquire
Chrisanne Wyrzykowski, Esquire, Legal Counsel
Nancy R. Mahoney, Bar Administrator


Rhode Island Supreme Court
Clerk’s Office
Licht Judicial Complex
250 Benefit Street, 7th Floor
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 222-3272 telephone
(401) 222-3599 facsimile

If applicants experience technical problems submitting filings through the Rhode Island Supreme Court Attorney Portal (RISCAP), please call this toll-free number at 1-833-307-2324 or email support at and explain the difficulties you are having with the RISCAP system.​​​​​​