District Court

 Pretrial Services

The Pretrial Services Unit (PTSU) is designed to monitor and support individuals awaiting trial through the District Court. Those referred to the PTSU are mandated to report to the unit following conditions set by a judicial officer. Monitoring through the PTSU is determined by a judicial officer who establishes specific conditions of release. The PTSU oversees and documents compliance with these court-ordered conditions, ensuring accountability and adherence to the terms outlined for each individual. The PTSU provides compliance reports to the court and attorneys on each scheduled court date.

The PTSU also aids in crafting appropriate supervision plans tailored to individual circumstances. The unit aims to strike a balance between ensuring a defendant’s appearance in court and safeguarding the community while fostering a fair and effective pretrial system within the District Court.

The PTSU goes beyond standard pretrial monitoring by providing specialized support through specialty calendars. These calendars assess the unique needs of veterans, as well as defendants living with mental health or co-occurring issues. The goal is to offer targeted assistance through a team dedicated to the participant’s success and expert guidance to help these individuals navigate the legal system paired with treatment and work towards graduation from the program. By tailoring interventions to specific challenges, the PTSU aims to address the diverse needs of participants, foster rehabilitation, and promote successful outcomes within the criminal justice system. ​


2nd Division – Newport County
45 Washington Square
Newport, Rhode Island 02840-2913
(401) 846-5471

3rd Division – Kent County
222 Quaker Lane
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-0107
(401) 822-1310

4th Division – Washington County
4800 Tower Hill Road
Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879-2239
(401) 782-3403

6th Division – Providence/Bristol County
1 Dorrance Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island 02903-2719
(401) 458-5106