District Court

 Mental Health Treatment Calendar

The mission of the Mental Health Treatment Calendar (MHTC) is to identify individuals living with a serious persistent mental illness (SPMI) diagnosis who are charged with misdemeanor offenses and divert them into a continuum of care with community providers and other support systems while providing judicial oversight. In so doing, the MHTC seeks to break the cycle of incarceration, increase treatment access, ensure public safety, and improve and stabilize the lives of individuals with SPMI.

The primary goals of the MHTC are to:

  • Expeditiously connect misdemeanor ​criminal participants who are living with SPMI to appropriate treatment services in the community;

  • Reduce incarceration and recidivism of individuals through mental health treatment, court supervision, and support services;

  • Improve public safety by stabilizing participants through treatment and supervision; and

  • Divert participants from the criminal justice system by facilitating and overseeing treatment access or increasing treatment access to improve participant quality of life. ​​