District Court



The District Court handles arraignments for felony and misdemeanor cases. Misdemeanor cases are punishable for up to one (1) year in prison and fines are not to exceed $1,000. There are no jury trials heard in District Court. If you are being charged with a crime, you are referred to as a "defendant."

If you are posting bail on behalf of a defendant or for yourself, there are a few procedures that you should know.

  • Pursuant to G.L. 1956 § 2-13-10, any balance of bail funds available after the payment of restitution, fines, and costs, or any other assessments issued by any court within the Rhode Island Judiciary, must be refunded to the defendant or the individual who posted the money on behalf of the defendant.

  • If you are a party posting bail for a defendant at the court, you must have a license or a Rhode Island Identification Card to post bail.

  • If you post bail for a defendant at the prison or at the police station with a Bail Commissioner (Justice of the Peace), any fees that you pay are non-refundable and are not part of your bail.         

  • Under G.L. 1956 § 12-10-2(d), a person arrested is afforded the opportunity to be arraigned and released on bail by a Bail Commissioner (Justice of the Peace), when appropriate, if taken into custody when court is not in session.

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