District Court

Administrative Appeals

District Court review of an administrative determination shall be obtained by filing a complaint with the Clerk of the Sixth Division in accordance with statute within thirty (30) days after mailing notice of the final decision of the agency. This complaint shall include a concise statement of the grounds upon which the aggrieved contends he or she is entitled to relief, and a demand shall be made for the relief.

A copy of this complaint shall be served upon the governmental agency or board and all other parties to the proceeding by mailing a copy to the attorney who represents the agency, board, or other party; service shall be made upon a party not represented by counsel within ten (10) days of said filing, unless the time for service is extended by the court. Employers who are filing as corporations must be represented by counsel. The filing of the complaint does not itself stay enforcement of the agency order.

  Upon receipt of records from the administrative agency, the clerk assigned responsibility for administrative appeals shall set a date for conference and notice shall be sent to all parties.

Appeals reviewed are bound to the existing record from the administrative agency, new evidence or information cannot be introduced. Pro se appellant cases for the Department of Labor and Training are not set down for conference and are assigned to a judge for a decision.

Please contact (401) 458-5224 for questions and inquiries about the administrative appeals process. Persons seeking legal advice should contact an attorney or visit the Self-Help Center for legal assistance information.

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