Workers' Compensation Court

A Message from the Court

Workers' Compensation Court Administrative Order No. 2020-02, Actions During Pandemic Event Through April 17, 2020 (March 18, 2020).

Welcome to the homepage of the Workers' Compensation Court.  Our court is part of the Rhode Island Unified Court System and we have been given the responsibility to hear and decide all disputes between an injured employee and an employer relating to workers' compensation benefits.

The court was created by the General Assembly in 1991 as part of a reform of the entire compensation system. Our responsibility was to create a fair and efficient system to get weekly benefits to a deserving employee and to discontinue those benefits when the employee is no longer disabled. We have created forms and procedures which allow the litigants to bring their cases to court without great expense or paperwork. We like to think that our court was "user friendly" before the term was even coined.

Please take some time to review our website. It will provide you with all the information you may need to understand the court. We plan to update our decisions and information pages on a regular basis so we would suggest that you bookmark this site and return to it often.

Our Mission