Americans with Disabilities Act

Garrahy Judicial Complex

One Dorrance Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

DISTRICT COURT (Sixth Division), Clerk's Office, Second Floor 
    Lorraine Alfonso (401) 458-3144
    Audrey Decesare (401) 458-3140
    James Plante (401) 458-5401
    Facsimile (401) 458-3190

FAMILY COURT (Providence County) - Clerk's Offices, Second Floor
Domestic Relations - Clerk's Office, Second Floor 
    Telephone (401) 458-3200
    Facsimile (401) 458-3130
    Contact persons: Ronald Pirolli, Debra Montanaro, or Cheryl Witt

    Juvenile - Clerk's Office, Second Floor 
    Telephone (401) 458-3290
    Telephone (401) 458-3310
    Contact persons: Candace Saugy or Ray Beretta 

    Child Support/Collections Department - Second Floor
    Telephone (401) 458-3100
    Facsimile (401) 458-3083
    Contact persons: Michael Venturino, Donna A. Biafore, or Joan Mailloux

WORKERS' COMPENSATION COURT - Clerk's Office, Third Floor, Room 328
    Telephone (401) 458-5000 
    Facsimile (401) 222-3121 
    Contact persons: John A. Sabatini, Esquire., Administrator, Patricia Creamer, or Edward McGovern

Contact courtroom clerk or clerk's office as soon as possible to arrange for an accommodation in advance of your court date.

Availability of accommodation will be confirmed with the requester or the requester's representative/attorney by court staff no later than 48 hours (two (2) business days), if feasible, prior to the court proceeding, hearing, or meeting.

If you have questions or complaints about accommodation needs for persons with disabilities, contact the ADA Office at or (401) 222-3266.

*All of the voice numbers can be contacted by TTY text telephone users through RI Relay (RIR) at 7-1-1 or 1-800-745-5555 (TTY). A TTY telephone is located in the Workers' Compensation Court Clerk's Office.