Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee

c/o Supreme Court Clerk's Office

250 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 222-3272 telephone

The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee has fourteen (14) members who are appointed by the Supreme Court. The Committee is charged with investigating all reports of activities which may constitute the unauthorized practice of law. The Committee has the authority to hold hearings to determine whether or not the charges are substantiated. The Committee also has the authority to adopt, amend, and rescind any rules and regulations that it deems necessary to carry out its duties.

Members serve for three (3) years and have a two (2) term limit. However, the term of the Clerk of the Supreme Court shall be coterminous with his or her term of office.


  • Timothy J. Morgan, Esquire, Chair
  • Patrick C. Barry, Esquire
  • Rebecca F. Clarke, Esquire
  • Jodi M. Gladstone, Esquire
  • Christopher D. Graham, Esquire
  • Keith B. Kyle, Esquire
  • Thomas W. Madonna, Esquire
  • Heather A. Pierce, Esquire
  • Santiago H. Posas, Esquire
  • Laura Ruzzo Reale, Esquire
  • Patricia K. Rocha, Esquire
  • Meredith A. Benoit, Esquire
  •  Colonel Stephen McCartney, Public Member
  • Kathleen Kelly, Esquire, Legal Counsel