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A Message from the Office of Court Interpreters (OCI)

Welcome to the OCI website. Since 2004, our office of six (6) highly qualified and experienced staff members have been dedicated to serving the public by providing impartial, complete and accurate interpretation of all types of interactions with the courts of Rhode Island.

The OCI is utilized for a variety of criminal and civil matters including: arraignments, reviews, hearings, trials, and conferences for both parties and witnesses in legal proceedings in all courts of the Rhode Island Judiciary at no cost to court users. If you or someone you know needs a court interpreter either call or email the OCI ( before your scheduled court appearance, or inform the clerk or the sheriff in the courtroom as soon as you arrive. If the OCI does not have a staff interpreter available at that time, an alternative interpreter will be provided as soon as possible at no cost to you.

Equal access to justice is a right. The OCI is here to offer impartial, complete, and accurate interpretation of all court proceedings. For more information about the OCI, see our Frequently Asked Questions and Code of Ethics.

If you have any comments or would like to submit a complaint, the Language Assistance Complaint (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese) is located in the Quick Links section on this webpage. To file a complaint, please print the form and mail it to the address listed above or you can scan the completed form and email it to

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Consortium for Language Access in the Courts
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International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)
Language Assistance Complaint - English
Language Assistance Complaint - Portuguese
Language Assistance Complaint - Spanish
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Language Assistance Notice - Spanish
Language Assistance Notice - Cambodian
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National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)

 Mission Statement

The Office of Court Interpreters serves the court and the public by interpreting legal proceedings accurately and impartially. We are guided by the principle that all people, including those with limited English proficiency, should have equal access to justice.