Affidavit for Bail
Annual Attorney Registration Single Payment Form
Annual Limited Liability Entity Registration Statement
Application for Limited Liability Entity License
Audio - Video Equipment Request
Checklist for Filing Briefs
Court Appointment Certification Application
Court Appointment Recertification Application
Designation of Attorney(s) Presenting Oral Argument
Entry of Appearance - Civil
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Adult Drug Court - Contract
Adult Drug Court - Important Notice
Adult Drug Court - Memorandum of Understanding
Adult Drug Court - Referral Form
Adult Drug Court - Release of Confidential Information
Adult Drug Court - Waiver of Constitutional Rights
Affidavit and Request for Entry of Default
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms
Application for Citation in Supplementary Proceedings
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Adoption Petition
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit in Support of Complaint for Civil Protective Order When Either Party is a Juvenile
Affidavit in Support of Verified Complaint for an Order of Protection
Affidavit of Non-military Service
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms
Application for Appointment as Family Court Justice of the Peace
Authorization for Release of Protected Education Information
Bail and Recognizance Conditions
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Address Verification
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms - Civil
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms - Criminal
Appeal Form - Department of Labor and Training Board of Review
Appeal Form - Division of Motor Vehicles Operator Control
Appeal of Municipal Decision on Vicious Dog Hearing
Application for Citation in Supplementary Proceedings
Application to Clerk for Entry of Default
Bail and Recognizance Conditions
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Affidavit of Healthcare Professional
Affidavit of Physician
Appeal From Decision of Retirement Board
Attorney Worksheet for “Medicals Open” Lump Sum or Structured-Type Settlement Where Medical Payments Will Continue
Attorney Worksheet for Lump Sum or Structured-Type Settlements
Certificate of Service
Claim For Trial
Claim of Appeal to the Appellate Division
Confidential Mediation Statement
Employee's Original Petition for Compensation Benefits
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Entry of Appearance
Financial Statement
Good Driving Record – Certified Copy of Driving Record
Motion to Vacate Judgment
Notice of Appeal - Appeals Panel
Notice of Appeal - District Court
Notice of Appeal - Division of Motor Vehicles
Pro Hac Vice - Attorney Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice
Request for Recording
Termination of Prosecution