Affidavit for Bail
Annual Attorney Registration Single Payment Form
Annual Limited Liability Entity Registration Statement
Application for Limited Liability Entity License
Audio - Video Equipment Request
Checklist for Filing Briefs
Court Appointment Certification Application
Court Appointment Recertification Application
Designation of Attorney(s) Presenting Oral Argument
Entry of Appearance - Civil
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Adult Drug Court - Contract
Adult Drug Court - Important Notice
Adult Drug Court - Memorandum of Understanding
Adult Drug Court - Referral Form
Adult Drug Court - Release of Confidential Information
Adult Drug Court - Waiver of Constitutional Rights
Affidavit and Request for Entry of Default
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms
Application for Citation in Supplementary Proceedings
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Adoption Petition
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit in Support of Complaint for Civil Protective Order When Either Party is a Juvenile
Affidavit in Support of Verified Complaint for an Order of Protection
Affidavit of Non-military Service
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms
Application for Appointment as Family Court Justice of the Peace
Audio - Video Equipment Request
Authorization for Release of Protected Education Information
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Address Verification
Affidavit for Bail
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms - Civil
Affidavit of Surrender of Firearms - Criminal
Appeal Form - Department of Labor and Training Board of Review
Appeal Form - Division of Motor Vehicles Operator Control
Appeal of Municipal Decision on Vicious Dog Hearing
Application for Citation in Supplementary Proceedings
Application to Clerk for Entry of Default
Audio - Video Equipment Request
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Affidavit of Healthcare Professional
Affidavit of Physician
Appeal From Decision of Retirement Board
Attorney Worksheet for “Medicals Open” Lump Sum or Structured-Type Settlement Where Medical Payments Will Continue
Attorney Worksheet for Lump Sum or Structured-Type Settlements
Audio - Video Equipment Request
Certificate of Service
Claim For Trial
Claim of Appeal to the Appellate Division
Confidential Mediation Statement
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Audio - Video Equipment Request
Entry of Appearance
Financial Statement
Good Driving Record – Certified Copy of Driving Record
Motion to Vacate Judgment
Notice of Appeal - Appeals Panel
Notice of Appeal - District Court
Notice of Appeal - Division of Motor Vehicles
Pro Hac Vice - Attorney Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice
Request for Recording
Termination of Prosecution