Bid Results

B2020006 Rhode Island Veterans Treatment Court 

B2019009 Electronic Filing System 

B2020003 - Juror Mailing 

B2020001 - Site Improvement Licht. 

B2019010 - Water Chemical Treatment and Maintenance. 

B2019008 - Chiller Plant Upgrades. 

B2019005 - Janitorial Services - Noel Judicial Complex. 

B2019004 - RI Traffic Tribunal Security Officer Uniforms. 

B2019003 - Landscaping Services - Licht, McGrath & Murray Judicial Complexes. 

B2018021 - Financial Audit. 

B2018024 – Postage Meters. 

B2018022 - Snow Plowing & Snow Removal - McGrath Judicial Complex. 

B2018018- Drug Testing Cups. 

B2018015 – Surface Parking Lot – Noel. 

B2018020- Janitorial Services – Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. 

B2018019- Janitorial Services – McGrath Judicial Complex. 

B2018011- Janitorial Services – Licht Judicial Complex. 

B2018010 - Janitorial Services – J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex. 

B2018014 - Court Room 7 Restoration- Licht Judicial Complex. 

B2018013 - Window Restoration - Licht Judicial Complex. 

B2018016 - Janitorial Serices - Fogarty Judicial Annex. 

Electronic Resources.

B2018009 - Fire Alarm Up-Grade - Murray Judicial Complex.

B2018008 - Height Adjustable Standing Desks.

B2018007 - Security Services for the temporary parking lot at the J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex.

B2018004 - Emergency Generator Repair.

B2018006 - Landscaping Services - Noel Judicial Complex & RITT.

B2018003 - Amended - Rodent & Pest Control Services- All Court Locations & Fogarty Annex.

B2017002 - Restoration of chairs State Law Library.

B2018003 - Rodent & Pest Control Services - All Court Locations & Fogarty Annex.

B2017010 - Snack Bar & Vending Machines - Noel Judicial Complex.

B2017015 - Parking Structure Improvements - Noel.

B2017013 - Degrease, powerwash and sweeping services.

B2017014 - Courtroom 1 Restoration.

B2017011 – Snowplowing and Snow Removal .

B2017004 Juror Transportation Services.

B2017005 Courtroom 15 Restoration.

B2017003 Parking Structure Joint Replacement –Noel

B2017002 Interior Fit Outs – Noel

B2016010 Courtroom 6 Restoration

B2016009 1st Floor Fit Outs – Noel Judicial Complex