Workers' Compensation Court

Protocols and Standards of Treatment

The Medical Advisory Board has promulgated thirty-seven(37) protocols and standards of treatment since its inception. The protocols were not designed as "cookbooks" of care, rather they outline options of appropriate methods and types of intervention from which physicians and other providers are to choose. Although primarily geared toward the entry level physician, i.e., the first treating physician, these protocols offer important information for all physicians and health care providers. Upon drafting and review by the Board, each protocol is put in final form. It is then brought to public hearing for full discussion, final revisions, and promulgation.

Protocols Full Document
Year Protocol was Last Reviewed
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cervical Musculoligamentous Injury (Sprain/Strain)
Herniated Cervical Disk
Protocols for Injuries to the Eye
Protocol for the Evaluation and Management of Acute Shoulder Injuries
Protocol for the Management of Acute Injuries to the Knee
Low Back Musculoligamentous Injury (Sprain/Strain)
Herniated Lumbar Disk
Lumbar Fusion
Traumatic Brain Injury
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Protocols for Injuries to the Foot and Ankle
Workers' Compensation Protocols when Primary Injury is Psychiatric/Psychological
Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy Protocols Guidelines
Acoustic Trauma
Interventional Pain Management Treatment Protocol
Work Hardening Protocols
Protocol for the Management of Hernias
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
Acute Hand Injury Protocols
Pharmaceutical Protocols
Contact Dermatitis Protocol
Protocol Concerns Regarding Performance of Radiographic Evaluation in Workers' Compensation Cases
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Protocol
Radial Tunnel Syndrome
Spinal Column Stimulators
Anterior Cruciate Ruptures
Hearing Loss Protocol
Initial Vocational Assessment Protocol Guidelines
Hierarchy of Vocational Rehabilitation
Occupational Hearing Impairment Treatment Protocol
Diagnosis and Initial Treatment of Occupational Asthma
Chronic Noninterventional, Noncancer Pain Protocol