Workers' Compensation Court

Impartial Medical Examiners

The following rules for selection of physicians for positions of Impartial Medical Examiners and for participation in Comprehensive Health Care Review Teams have been identified by the Medical Advisory Board.

  1. The applicant/physician/health care provider must complete an application form detailing a record of prior achievements, hospital staff appointments (where applicable), special attention to disciplinary action of various types, and current curriculum vitae (CV).

  2. The applicant/physician will be Board Certified. Board qualified physicians can have a provisional appointment that will last for a period of five years after completion of training. A physician, who at the time of the application or renewal has retired from practice and within the immediately preceding three (3) years, been Board Certified, shall be permitted to be considered for appointment as an Impartial Medical Examiner.

  3. The applicant/physician/health care provider who seeks appointment as an impartial medical examiner must be willing in general to see patients within approximately three weeks of the request and render a report within 14 days of examination. The insurer will provide a complete file of previous examinations, records of prior care, reports, and at times, the actual films to the impartial medical examiner at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the appointment.

  4. Reports should be issued in the format and including the information indicated in form MAB05.

  5. Each health care provider approved by the Medical Advisory Board as an impartial medical examiner will apply for renewal every two years on a form supplied by the Medical Advisory Board. A current CV will also be submitted with the renewal application.

  6. The Board may limit the number of impartial medical examiners in each specialty.

  7. Upon approval, each impartial medical examiner will be sworn in by the Chief Judge of the Workers’ Compensation Court or the Chief Judge’s designee.

  8. Billing for impartial medical examinations scheduled by the Court or the Medical Advisory Board will be in accordance with the IME fees established by the Medical Advisory Board.

  9. Applications should be mailed to the Medical Advisory Board, Workers’ Compensation Court, One Dorrance Plaza, Providence, Rhode Island 02903, Attention: Office of the Administrator.