Admission to the Rhode Island Bar

Admission of Non-resident Attorneys

Supreme Court Clerk’s Office
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Pro Hac Vice Admission

Under Article II, Rule 9(a) out-of-state attorneys can obtain permission to appear before the courts of this state. Pro hac vice admission is limited to appearing in three (3) cases in a five-year period. All papers filed with the court by an attorney admitted pro hac vice must be signed by a member of the Rhode Island Bar who is actively engaged in the practice of law out of an office located in this state.

Registration as In-House Counsel

Article II, Rule 9(b) allows out-of-state attorneys employed by a corporation or other business entity at an office in this state, to register with the Supreme Court and practice law in Rhode Island as an “in-house counsel” attorney. In-house counsel attorneys can practice law in Rhode Island only on behalf of the corporation or other business entity except that an in-house counsel attorney may not appear before state courts and cannot appear before state agencies or municipalities in contested cases unless he or she is admitted pro hac vice.