Americans with Disabilities Act

Noel Judicial Complex

222 Quaker Lane
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886


DISTRICT COURT (Third Division) - Clerk's Office, Second Floor, Suite 220, Room 2020
    Telephone (401) 822-6750
    Criminal (401) 822-6751
    Civil (401) 822-6760
    Small Claims (401) 822-6770
    Facsimile (401) 822-6755
    Contact persons: Dawn Bellamy or Karen Kanelos, or Megan Degnan

FAMILY COURT (Kent County) - Clerk's Office, Third Floor, Suite 310, Room 3019
    Telephone (401) 822-6725 or (401) 822-6728 (TTY)
    Facsimile (401) 822-6730 
    Contact persons: William Laferriere, Robin Iascone, Gina Molina, or Eduardo Salabert

SUPERIOR COURT (Kent County) - Clerk's Office, Fourth Floor, Suite 400, Room 4000
    Telephone (401) 822-6900
    Facsimile (401) 822-6905
    Contact persons: Nancy Striuli, Ryan Carnes, or Leonard Capuano

Contact courtroom clerk or clerk's office as soon as possible to arrange for an accommodation in advance of your court date.

Availability of accommodation will be confirmed with the requester or the requester's representative/attorney by court staff no later than 48 hours (two (2) business days), if feasible, prior to the court proceeding, hearing, or meeting.

If you have questions or complaints about accommodation needs for persons with disabilities, contact the ADA Office at or (401) 222-3266.

*All of the voice numbers can be contacted by TTY text telephone users through RI Relay (RIR) at 7-1-1 or 1-800-745-5555 (TTY). A TTY telephone is located on the 3rd floor in the Family Court Clerk's Office.