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Bar Admission
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Admission to the Rhode Island Bar

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     The qualifications needed for admission of attorneys and others to practice law are set forth in Article II of the Rhode Supreme Court Rules.  Generally, admission to the Rhode Island Bar requires passing the Rhode Island Bar Examination.  In Article II the Supreme Court has created limited exceptions to the requirement that only Rhode Island attorneys who have passed the Rhode Island Bar Examination can practice law in Rhode Island. 
     There are several types of admissions for the Rhode Island Bar:
     Admission on examination (Article II, Rule 1)
     Attorney admitted in other states (Article II, Rule 2)
          Supreme Court approved programs that provide services to indigents
               (Article II, Rule 2(e) and (h))
          Members of the armed services (Article II, Rules 2(f) and (g))
     Nonresident attorneys – In-house counsel – Senior law students (Article II, Rule 9)
          Pro hac vice admission (Article II, Rule 9(a))
          Registration of in-house counsel (Article II, Rule 9(b))
          Professional service corporations, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability 
               companies (limited liability entities) (Article II, Rule 10)
Article II
Board of Bar Examiners
Committee on Character
and Fitness
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