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Research in The Archives

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     The Archives at the Judicial Records Center (JRC) contains the pre-1900 court records that were created by the five (5) judicial counties (Newport, Providence, King's/Washington, Bristol, and Kent) of the colony and State of Rhode Island. The following types of records may be found at the archives.

Record Type


Civil cases

1671 - 1900

Criminal cases

1671 - 1900

Divorces cases

1671 - 1900

Naturalization papers

1671 - 1982

     Individuals with specific requests can use the Archives-Request Forms to email their requests directly to the Judicial Archives.  These email forms may be used for all naturalization requests and for pre-1900 civil, criminal, and divorce requests. Requests for more recent records should be submitted to the JRC by mail (see mail requests under Policies and Procedures).

     As there are some time and content gaps in our holdings for particular counties, it is recommended that researchers who plan to conduct more systematic research contact the Archives staff so that we can provide you with more detailed information about the scope of our records.


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