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Supreme Court
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Supreme Court



Contact Information

J. Joseph Baxter, Jr., State Court Administrator

      (401) 222-3266


Gail M. Valuk, Esquire, Deputy State

 Court Administrator

      (401) 222-3266


Stephen Kerr, Assistant Administrator

of Facilities and Operations

      (401) 222-6700


Peter J. Panciocco, Assistant Administrator

of Judicial Technology Center

      (401) 222-3000


Darlene Leyden Walsh, Assistant Administrator

 of Finance and Budget

      (401) 275-6521


Marisa White, Assistant Administrator

of Employee Relations

      (401) 222-2700


Erika Kruse Weller, Esquire, General Counsel and Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution

      (401) 222-3266


Craig N. Berke, Assistant Administrator of Community Outreach and Public Relations

      (401) 222-4580


Debra Saunders, Clerk of the Supreme Court

      (401) 222-3272


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