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Supreme Court
Administrative Orders 2000

Anna Albanese v. State of Rhode Island/Administrative Adjudication Court, No. 99-254 (Entered January 7, 2000)

Alfred Levasseur v. Builders Square, Inc., No. 99-344 (Entered January 7, 2000)

Anna Balasco, et al v. Providence College, et al, No. 99-554 (Entered January 13, 2000)

Georgiann Magnani v. Cherry Hill Manor, No. 99-296 (Entered January 13, 2000)

David Heath v. A.T. Wall, No. 99-524 (Entered January 13, 2000)

Tiago Pacheco and Maria F. Pacheco, individually and P.P.A. Patricia Pacheco, a minor v. John J. Coughlin, M.C., Partners in Obstetrics and Cynecology, et al, No. 99-495 (Entered January 13, 2000)

Kenneth R. Patterson v. Jacqueline Miller, No. 99-362A (Entered February 3, 2000)

Kenneth Patterson v. Jacqueline Miller, No. 97-524 (Entered February 3, 2000)

Raytheon Company v. Ethel Cloud, No. 99-513 (Entered February 3, 2000)

Raytheon Company v. Ethel Cloud, No. 99-509 (Entered February 3, 2000)

State of Rhode Island v. Daniel M. Ilacqua, No. 99-406 (Entered February 3, 2000)

Salley Gravino and Tropics, Inc. d/b/a Club Tropics v. City of Warwick, et al, No. 99-305 (Entered February 3, 2000)

Coventry Health Center Continuum v. Christine J. Ferguson, No. 99-77 (Entered March 2, 2000)

Rosemary Pari v. State of Rhode Island, No. 99-182 (Entered March 2, 2000)

Aram Schefrin, Ltd v. Daren Davidson, No. 99-560 (Entered March 2, 2000)

Marc Gaulin v. Prospect Development, Inc., No. 99-416 (Entered March 20, 2000)

Linda J. Ross v. Robert P. Ross, No. 99-479 (Entered March 20, 2000)

State of Rhode Island v. Jacqueline Choquette, No. 99-471 (Entered March 20, 2000)

Pier House Inn, Inc. v. 421 Corporation, Inc., No. 99-101 (Entered April 14, 2000)

Kenneth Morin, Executor of the Estate of Madeline Morin, deceased v. Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Crum and Forster and Michael Klufas, M.D., No. 00-140 (Entered April 14, 2000)

Raymond Frizzell, Individually and as Coadministrator of the Estate of Jesse B. Frizzell, et al v. Town of Little Compton by and through its Treasurer, et al, No. 00-139 (Entered April 14, 2000)

Constance Coar v. John B. Prata, Jr. and J.B. Prata, Ltd., No. 99-456 (Entered April 14, 2000)

Bechtel Corporation v. Robert Jackson, No. 99-515 (Entered April 14, 2000)

City of Providence v. Robert Thompson, No. 00-156 (Entered April 20, 2000)

City of Providence v. Robert Thompson, No. 00-103 (Entered April 20, 2000)

Rosemarie Marra v.  City of  Providence, No. 99-292 (Entered April 20, 2000)

Bruno L. Giulini v. Pasquale Perri, in  his capacity as Finance Director for the Town of Westerly, et al, No. 00-126 (Entered April 20, 2000)

Steven M. Clarke v.  Robert DeRobbio, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Rhode Island Ethics Commission and The Rhode Island Ethics Commission, No. 99-420 (Entered April 20, 2000)

Marie Belrose v. The Arc of Northern Rhode Island, No. 99-310 (Entered April 20, 2000)

American Insulated Wire v. Jose Terceira, No. 99-522 (Entered April 20, 2000)

Ralph Shippe v. State of Rhode Island, No. 99-502 (Entered April 27, 2000)

State of Rhode Island v. Barbara Quigley, No. 00-167 (Entered April 27, 2000)

Sylvia Carolina Africano v. Frank R. Castelli, No. 00-110 (Entered April 27, 2000)

Sylvia Carolina Africano v. Frank R. Castelli, No. 00-155 (Entered April 27, 2000)

State of Rhode Island/Administrative Adjudication Court v. Joseph A. Rossi, No. 99-249 (Entered May 18, 2000)

Jean Baptista v. Rau Fasteners Co., LLC, No. 99-516 (Entered May 18, 2000)

Simon J. Richardson v. Dawn M. Richardson, No. 99-250 (Entered May 18, 2000)

Centrex Distributors, Inc. and Travelers Insurance Company v. Edna Poulin, in her capacity as Administrator of the Second Injury Indemnity Fund, No. 98-515(Entered May 18, 2000)

St. Joseph Hospital v. Lee Arnold/Director of Department of Labor and Training, No. 98-485 (Entered May 18, 2000)

Jeffrey Forcelli v. Karen L. Dowd, as Administratrix of the Estate of Albert F. Dowd, Jr., and Mario A. Gabrielle, Jr., No. 00-118 (Entered May 25, 2000)

Church Life Insurance Corporation v. R.Gary Clark, Tax Administrator, No. 00-26 (Entered May 25, 2000)

Dianne M. Caldarone v. Oscar A. Caldaron, No. 00-335 (Entered August 21, 2000)

Adeline Lyons v. Warwick School Committee, No. 00-175 (Entered August 21, 2000)

Linda Masse v. Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, No. 00-173 (Entered August 21, 2000)

John P. Caito v. The Rhode Island Board of Registration for Professsional Engineers, No. 00-135 (Entered September 15, 2000

Sergio Defaria v. Okonite Company, No. 00-147 (Entered September 15, 2000)

Helen Amaral, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of John Amaral, Jr., deceased v. Pride Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc., and Elio H. Lourenco, No. 00-227 (Entered September 15, 2000)

Virginia M. DiMattia v. Philip A. DiMattia, No. 00-223 (Entered September 15, 2000)

David C. McFarland, D.D.S. v. Daniel a. Jamgochian, No. 00-377 (Entered September 21, 2000)

State of Rhode Island v. Jeremy Motyka, No. 00-367 (Entered September 21, 2000)

Marjorie Zauderer v. Brown University, et al, No. 00-214 (Entered September 21, 2000)

In re Nheat N., No. 00-400 (Entered October 11, 2000)

TSSG vs. Joanne Faiola, No. 99-543 (Entered October 11, 2000)

Town of Foster vs. Lawrence Jacques, et al, No. 00-246 (Entered October 26, 2000)

Bess Easton Donut Flour Co., Inc. v. Zoning Board of Review of the Town of Westerly, No. 00-310 (Entered October 26, 2000)

Anna Tillinghast, d/b/a Bowdish Lake Camping Area v. The Town of Glocester, by and through its Treasurer and George Lewis, intervenor, No. 00-116(October 26, 2000)

Cumberland Farms, Inc. v. Town of Narragansett Zoning and Platting Board of Review, No. 00-263 (Entered October 26, 2000)

Kathleen Geezil v. Lawrence Dario, D.M.D., No. 00-176 (Entered November 2, 2000)

Mary E. Burns v. Warwick School Department, No. 00-150 (Entered November 2, 2000)

Probate Court of the City of Pawtucket, et al v. Francis M. McBride, et al, No. 00-301 (Entered November 20, 2000)

Thomas Sculco, et al v. Zoning Board of Review of the Town of Westerly, et al, No. 00-311 (Entered November 20, 2000)

Jorge Ulloa v. Narragansett Television, L.P., No. 00-353 (Entered November 20, 2000)

Isabel Afonseca v. International Packaging, Inc., No. 00-390 (Entered November 30, 2000)

Susan N. Rozzero v. Arthur E. Rozzero, No. 00-236 (Entered November 30, 2000)

Karly Rae Schweitzer v. Stephen V. Wilbert, et al, No. 00-392 (Entered November 30, 2000)

Jan Reitsma, in his capacity as Director Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and Sheldon Whitehouse, Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island v. Pascoag Reservoir & Dam, LLC, No. 00-483 (December 15, 2000)

Ann M. Taylor v. Michael G. Taylor, No. 00-210 (December 21, 2000)

Deborah J. Choiniere v. Technic, Inc., No. 00-41 (December 21, 2000)

Anthony Martin v. North Providence School Committee, No. 00-454 (December 21, 2000)

Edward Gareau, Jr. d/b/a Bonnie and Clyde's Class B Liquor License Holder v. Jeffrey Greer, in his capacity as Acting Liquor Control Administrator, et al, No. 00-183 (December 21, 2000)

John Walter Garvin v. State of Rhode Island, No. 00-508 (December 21, 2000)


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