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Supreme Court
Miscellaneous Orders 2000
Edward Gareau, Jr. d/b/a Bonnie and Clyde's Class B Liquor License Holder v. Jeffrey Greer, in his capacity as Acting Liquor Control Administrator, et al, No. 00-183 (December 21, 2000)
John Walter Garvin v. State of Rhode Island, No. 00-508 (December 21, 2000)
Deborah J. Choiniere v. Technic, Inc., No. 00-41 (December 21, 2000)
Anthony Martin v. North Providence School Committee, No. 00-454 (December 21, 2000)
Ann M. Taylor v. Michael G. Taylor, No. 00-210 (December 21, 2000)
Isabel Afonseca v. International Packaging, Inc., No. 00-390 (Entered November 30, 2000)
Susan N. Rozzero v. Arthur E. Rozzero, No. 00-236 (Entered November 30, 2000)
Karly Rae Schweitzer v. Stephen V. Wilbert, et al, No. 00-392 (Entered November 30, 2000)
Jorge Ulloa v. Narragansett Television, L.P., No. 00-353 (Entered November 20, 2000)
Mary E. Burns v. Warwick School Department, No. 00-150 (Entered November 2, 2000)
Probate Court of the City of Pawtucket, et al v. Francis M. McBride, et al, No. 00-301 (Entered November 20, 2000)
Thomas Sculco, et al v. Zoning Board of Review of the Town of Westerly, et al, No. 00-311 (Entered November 20, 2000)
Kathleen Geezil v. Lawrence Dario, D.M.D., No. 00-176 (Entered November 2, 2000)
Cumberland Farms, Inc. v. Town of Narragansett Zoning and Platting Board of Review, No. 00-263 (Entered October 26, 2000)
Town of Foster vs. Lawrence Jacques, et al, No. 00-246 (Entered October 26, 2000)
Bess Easton Donut Flour Co., Inc. v. Zoning Board of Review of the Town of Westerly, No. 00-310 (Entered October 26, 2000)
TSSG vs. Joanne Faiola, No. 99-543 (Entered October 11, 2000)
In re Nheat N., No. 00-400 (Entered October 11, 2000)
David C. McFarland, D.D.S. v. Daniel a. Jamgochian, No. 00-377 (Entered September 21, 2000)
State of Rhode Island v. Jeremy Motyka, No. 00-367 (Entered September 21, 2000)
Marjorie Zauderer v. Brown University, et al, No. 00-214 (Entered September 21, 2000)
Virginia M. DiMattia v. Philip A. DiMattia, No. 00-233 (Entered September 15, 2000)
Helen Amaral, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of John Amaral, Jr., deceased v. Pride Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc., and Elio H. Lourenco, No. 00-227 (Entered September 15, 2000)
Linda Masse v. Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, No. 00-173 (Entered August 21, 2000)
John P. Caito v. The Rhode Island Board of Registration for Professsional Engineers, No. 00-135 (Entered September 15, 2000)
Sergio Defaria v. Okonite Company, No. 00-147 (Entered September 15, 2000)
Dianne M. Caldarone v. Oscar A. Caldaron, No. 00-335 (Entered August 21, 2000)
Adeline Lyons v. Warwick School Committee, No. 00-175 (Entered August 21, 2000)
Jeffrey Forcelli v. Karen L. Dowd, as Administratrix of the Estate of Albert F. Dowd, Jr., and Mario A. Gabrielle, Jr., No. 00-118 (Entered May 25, 2000)
Church Life Insurance Corporation v. R.Gary Clark, Tax Administrator, No. 00-26 (Entered May 25, 2000)
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