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Supreme Court

Family Case Summaries

No. 11-40              In re Gabrielle D.                                                                  (show cause)



No. 10-387            In Re Jazlyn P.                                                                     (show cause)


The respondent father appeals from a decree in the Family Court terminating his parental rights to his daughter.  The respondent contends that the hearing judge erred in admitting certain medical reports which contained hearsay within hearsay.  The respondent also contends that there was insufficient evidence at trial to indicate that he committed or allowed to be committed conduct which was cruel and abusive towards his son or his daughter. 


No. 10-328            Joseph Esposito v. Sharon Esposito                                   (full briefing)

No. 10-233            Beth Deprete v. Michael Deprete                                         (show cause)

No. 10-211            Steven Palin v. Joanne Palin                                                (show cause)

No. 10-193            In Re Frances G.                                                                  (show cause)

No. 10-182            Michael Bloschichak v. Dianne Bloschichak                        (show cause)

No. 10-40              Jennifer Gamron v. Michael Gamron                                    (show cause)



No. 09-3                In re Seraina P.                                                                     (full briefing)

No. 09-2                Pedotti-Rioult v. Rioult                                                          (full briefing)

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