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Family Case Summaries 2012




2012-159    In re J.S.                                                  (show cause)


This case is before the Court on appeal by the respondent, J.S., from an adjudication of delinquency based on the state’s underlying charge of felony assault pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws § 11-5-2, for which the respondent was placed on probation until further order of the Family Court.  On appeal, the respondent argues that the Family Court judge misconceived or overlooked material evidence and erred in deciding that the state had disproved beyond a reasonable doubt his claim of self-defense.


2012-52  John C. O’Donnell v. Anne A. O’Donnell    (show cause)


The plaintiff appeals from a Family Court order requiring him to comply with a provision in the parties’ divorce agreement that requires him to maintain health insurance for the defendant.  The plaintiff argues that the stenographic record of the agreement was not sufficient to form a non-modifiable property settlement agreement and claims that the parties never truly reached an agreement in this case.



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