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Criminal Case Summaries 2010

2010-237-C.A. State v. Morin                                                                    (full briefing)


Defendant appeals from a conviction on one count of first-degree child molestation.  He argues the trial judge erred in refusing to suppress a statement made to an investigator for DCYF, a statement made to the police after his arrest, and he challenges the judge’s refusal to redact a statement in his police statement.     

2010-283-C.A. State v. Victor Lopez                                                         (full briefing)      

Defendant appeals from a judgment of conviction for breaking and entering and assault with a dangerous weapon by choking with his hands following a jury trial.  On appeal he argues that his motion for new trial was erroneously denied because the eyewitness evidence against him was unreliable, there was no incriminating physical evidence, and he had an alibi.  Second, he argues that the judge erred by not allowing him to question the jurors during voir dire about eyewitness testimony.  Third, he argue that his motion for judgment of acquittal should have been granted on the count for felony assault.     



No. 10-50              State v. Linda Diamante                                                       (show cause)


The defendant appeals from a decision denying her motion to seal the records pertaining to a felony assault charge from 1994 dismissed by the state. 


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