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Americans with Disabilities Act
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Americans with Disabilities Act
Court Access for Individuals with Disabilities

     The Rhode Island Judiciary is committed to providing equal access to all services, programs, and proceedings in a manner that includes individuals with disabilities as much as possible, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other laws.

Executive Order No. 98-01 (Dated February 9, 1998) Related to Assistive Listening Devices/Systems to Clarify the Use of the Portable Infrared Assistive Listening Systems
Policy of the Unified Judiciary of the State of Rhode Island for Providing Services to the Hearing Impaired
(Dated October 1, 1997)

Rhode Island State Law Library Policy Statement for Individuals with Disabilities

 Contact Information

Questions, comments, or complaints about the accommodation process can be directed to:

Erika Kruse Weller, Esquire
General Counsel and ADA Coordinator
Licht Judicial Complex
250 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island  02903
(401) 222-3266 or through
RI RELAY at 7-1-1
(401) 721-2653
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