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Americans with Disabilities Act
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Licht Judicial Complex

Americans with Disabilities Act

Licht Judicial Complex
250 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island  02903


SUPREME COURT - Clerk's Office, Seventh Floor
     Telephone (401) 222-3272
     Facsimile (401) 222-3599
     Contact persons: Debra A. Saunders, Clerk, or Jean Maggiacomo

SUPERIOR COURT (Providence and Bristol Counties) - Clerk's Office, Fifth Floor
     Telephone (401) 222-3230
     Facsimile (401) 222-2701
     Contact persons: Henry S. Kinch, Jr., Clerk, Stephen Burke, or Deborah Boisclair

     Telephone (401) 222-6147 
     Facsimile (401) 222-1337
     Contact person: John P. Capaldi, Esquire, Administrator

Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline - Sixth Floor, Room 604
      Telephone (401) 222-1188
      Facsimile (401) 222-1493
      Contact person: Christina Nardi

JURY COMISSIONER - Third Floor, Room 304
      Telephone (401) 222-3245        
      Contact person: John O'Hara or Raymond Gallogly


     Contact courtroom clerk or clerk's office as soon as possible to arrange for an accommodation in advance of your court date. 

     Availability of accommodation will be confirmed with the requester or the requester's representative/attorney by court staff no later than 48 hours (two (2) business days), if feasible, prior to the court proceeding, hearing, or meeting.

     If you have questions or complaints about accommodation needs for persons with disabilities, contact the ADA Office at or (401) 222-3266.

*All of the voice numbers can be contacted by TTY text telephone users through RI Relay (RIR) at 7-1-1 or 1-800-745-5555 (TTY).


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